I really think that everyone learns best when they are having fun and feeling in control. I’ve always enjoyed playing around with things at home and trying to find ways to do little science tricks. I recently did a demo show in a library Fun Palace (great fun) and put together a load of tricks that you can do with simple things found around the house. I’m hoping to write all of those tricks up so that you can try them at home/win bets with friends/have a bit of a laugh!

fun palace tweet picture

The fun palace event was run with Study Higher (www.studyhigher.ac.uk, @StudyHigher) and aimed to inspire a few young scientists to hopefully, one day, study a science subject at university. The experiments in the picture were so simple to set up and if you’re anything like me then bright colours are definitely the way forwards in life. The “density tower” at the back (in a University of Reading reusable bottle) and the chromatography-inspired “walking colours” are experiments that will be appearing on this site soon!



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