Phils face global science show

The Global Science Show is always a jam-packed maelstrom of science communication. But in August 2020 Phil was set a challenge – how many experiments can you do in just 2 minutes?

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Blurb: This month’s theme for the Global Science Show is the environment. After a few videos of (in one reviewer’s words) Ultimate Chaotic Energy from Phil’s presentation style, the challenge came in to see how many experiments he could do in just 2 minutes and 20 seconds (the max length of a video on twitter). Watch this whirlwind of weather, extravaganza of environment, deluge of demos – and find out! Each experiment is also written up with a guide and explanation of how it works here.

Session Host

– Dr Phil Jemmett (@philjemmett)

Who was this for? Anyone and everyone via Twitter. Head over to to find out when the next show will be.

When was it? August 2020

Will there be more events like this in the future? There’s a mini materials science live show from the June show too (link here) and Phil has done several other videos as part of the Global Science Show. You can find out more here – WMG Experiments – where Phil has written about all the experiments done as part of these videos, how you can recreate them, and how they work!

Go back to find more videos of Phil in action.


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