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Materials Science Live Show!


As part of the Resonate Festival organised by the Warwick Institute of Engagement Phil livestreamed a materials science show into local primary and secondar schools. Demonstrating how the materials that make up the world around us and how science can make materials behave in strange ways – this show is not to be missed.

Blurb: Show me what you’re made of! (School show for ages 9-11) How do you decide what to make something out of? Why do some things bend or squish or stretch or bounce while other things don’t? Or what about magnets – they only work on some things and not others! There’s a whole world going on inside the objects around us that changes how they behave. If we want to build things that will help us make the world a healthy green planet, we need to know which materials to choose.

Session Host

– Dr Phil Jemmett (@philjemmett)

Who was this for? The Resonate Festival was organised by the Warwick Institute of Engagement. This session was organised by Phil Jemmett as part of his role in the WMG Outreach team at the Unviersity of Warwick.

When was it? May 2021

Will there be more events like this in the future? There’s a mini version of this show as part of the Global Science Show too (link here) and if there are schools interested in a live stream science show – you should get in touch!

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