Phil hosting Pint of Science
a rocket launching through the clouds

Pint of Science is a national festival of science communication which is usually run in pubs across the UK. This year it was a virtual event and Phil brought together a team of researchers from across the University of Warwick to share their research and help shape a journey across the stars. Would you join us on our spaceship across the galaxy?

Blurb: Mission: To journey across the stars. We’re going to need a powerful source of energy, a way to store it, and an idea of where to go, otherwise it will be a long, cold and boring search for our alien neighbours! By moving just a few atoms around we can do just that! Join us to find out how. We have ‘lift off’!

Phil hosting Pint of Science

Your host for the evening

– Dr Phil Jemmett (@philjemmett)

Getting energy from stars – Tishtrya Mehta (@SolarTish)

Batteries in Space! – Dr Claire Dancer

Gathering the elements – Dr Mark Hollands

Who was this for? This Pint of Science event was organised by the Warwick Institute of Engagement

When was it? May 2021

Will there be more events like this in the future? Yes! There isn’t a set date for the next round of Warwick sessions as part of Pint of Science but I’ll update this post if I’m involved in the future. The best place to find out all about these events is via Twitter using the hasthtag #PintOfScience. Or by following me!

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