wmg talks phil in stage
wmg talks phil in stage

Scientists and engineers hope to find new ways to make the world a better place. Since we all live in that world – it’s only fair that the scientists should share their stories with you. Phil’s WMG Talks session is all about what we gain when scientists share their stories and what we lose when science is hidden or obscured…

Image via Unsplash

Blurb: Phil uses storytelling to show what happens when scientists, researchers and engineers share their message dishonestly (villains) or share it openly and with integrity (heroes). Phil gives a call to action for researchers, public audiences and young people to come together to fight global challenges (happily ever afters).

Who was this for? The audience at a University of Warwick family day open to the public.

When was it? September 2019 – for British Science Festival.

Original link: Through the WMG Talks webpage, Phil’s talk is here.

Will there be more events like this in the future? Phil has coached several of the other speakers on the WMG Talks page to deliver similar talks and organises more events for future speakers to take part in.

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