Phil at Coventry Transport Museum
The Robot Arm At Coventry Transport Museum

Phil has supported staff at WMG to put together a museum exhibit all about building batteries. Rohin Titmarsh and Beth Haynes build the framework and programmed the robot to move batteries just for you. You can see the exhibit at Coventry Transport Museum until 30/10/2021.

Phil was at Coventry Transport Museum for the launch event of Our Future Moves

Blurb: With 7500 individual cells making up the battery pack in an electric car, you wouldn’t want to install every one of those cells one by one, would you? It’s bad enough putting two in the TV remote every 6 months. Forget 7500 every week. We need rechargeable batteries so we don’t have to replace, we can just plug in and charge up. We also need robots that can put all of these battery cells together into modules and packs so that we can make electric cars easily. That’s what this robot is for. It has worked at the University of Warwick on real research projects but now it is stationed in Coventry Transport Museum as part of their Our Future Moves exhibition until 30th October 2021. Go and check it out and see how automation is making the electric future possible.

Who was this for? Coventry Transport Museum is open to the public.

When was it? Until 30th October 2021

Original link: You can see more about the exhibit here and this part of the exhibtion here. There’s a WMG article about it here too.

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