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Get everything you need for A-level chemistry practical skills with Phil here. These videos are from 2016 when Phil worked for the University of Birmingham and are one of the first examples of Phil appearing in front of a camera.

Blurb: There are four videos in total:

Electrochemistry – Measuring the half cell voltages

Find out how to measure the half cell voltages of an electrochemical cell and see how powerful the reactions between two metal can be.

Crystallisation – Prepare an organic solid (benzoic acid)

Find out how you can prepare a pure sample of an organic solid like benzoic acid by doing a recrystallisation. This is a standard procedure in most chemistry labs!

Kinetics – Measuring the rate of reaction

Find out how to measure the rate of a reaction – and why we might want to. We investigate iodine clock reactions, gas-producing fizzing reactions, and give you all the skills you might need.

Titration – Measuring the concentration of a solution

The trickiest of the chemical analytical procedures – find out how to do a titration to measure the concentration of a solution.

Each one takes you through a skill that is useful for chemistry students to have during practicals. They are fun and light-hearted, with some context to explain why these experiments are important to chemists.

Who was this for? These videos were made for A-level chemistry students and teachers by Jim Bell while we worked in the Outreach team at the University of Birmingham

When was it? 2016

Original link: You can see all the videos, podcasts and written guides here.

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