Hopefully Nothing Goes Boom! is a project started by me (Phil) aiming to share easy-to-do-at-home experiments with you the reader. I’m hoping that parents, students, young people and the generally curious can find something of interest. I’m going to try and back it up with an in-depth explanation of the theory along the methods too so we can all learn about what’s going on and hopefully, nothing goes boom!


…studied for a Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry at the University of Birmingham and now works for WMG at the University of Warwick – tinkering and building things for outreach projects! He makes the graphics and plots experiments for you all to try out at home.


…has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry. He has written about the role of the computer in chemistry, a molecule of the month piece – presenting the funny, frightful and fascinating molecules that exist around us – and a tour of the periodic table in two dramatic articles!

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