July’s Molecule of the Month

Isovaleric acid 2019 marks two very important anniversaries with connections to the moon. The first celebrates 50 years since man first set foot on the moon and Neil Armstrong’s famous quote (or misquote).* The other marks 20 years since the first Wallace & Gromit short film ‘A Grand Day Out’ had its premiere in Bristol.... Continue Reading →

June’s Molecule of the Month

Retinal If you could have any superpower then many of us would like to fly or be incredibly strong or perform magic. Another superpower might be to see in the dark and yet spend enough time in a dark or dim room and eventually the grey outlines of the shapes around us become apparent. It... Continue Reading →

Role Models: Percy Lavon Julian

Who was Dr Julian? Dr Percy Lavon Julian became a pioneer and leader in the chemical industry. His work included a foam for fire extinguishers that saved lives during World War 2, helping a Jewish scientist leave the Axis-controlled Austria, medical treatments for hundreds of diseases through steroid-based medicines and discoveries that led to birth... Continue Reading →

Guest Authors: Computational Chemistry

There is no doubt we are in the age of the computer. Everywhere you look computers are being used: laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets and even watches. Businesses are now sending emails instead of letters; schools are using projectors to teach and people are shopping online. In fact, if you’re reading this article then you... Continue Reading →

Role Models: Clyde Tombaugh

A recent post on Reddit* made me read up a bit more on Clyde Tombaugh. As things go on Reddit, there are many versions of this post and yet I would be surprised if many people could name him or say what he was known for. If at this point, you know all about him,... Continue Reading →

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