Chemistry – more specifically molecules – are an essential part of the world around us. The food we eat, the transport that takes us to work, the buildings we live in, even life itself are all based on an incredibly vast assortment of molecules. Some of these have been devised by nature, whilst others have been made by humans, but each one is responsible for a very specific task. They can range in size from very small, two atom molecules such as the nitrogen gas in the air, three atom molecules like carbon dioxide or water, to very large including DNA and other biological structures.

From diatomics to a molecule so complex it can contain 1.5 GB of information…

Unfortunately, many of the molecules we hear about are those with negative effects, damaging the environment or harming our health. There is also little reported on the many molecules that benefit out lives, that allow us to live and exist the way we are. The major issue though is a lack of reliable knowledge and an understanding, or even appreciation, for molecules.

This section of the website will deliver an account of a different molecule each month. We will explore the molecule’s background, history and uses, along with anything wacky or unusual.

Molecule of the Month Series:

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