Things don’t always move the way you expect them to! The movement of air over the wings of a plans is what keeps them up in the air. Liquids and gases can flow and move so you can breathe and swim underwater (not at the same time, mind you) but solids stay put so you can pick up your phone or laptop to read this. The way that things move and flow past each other can be really interesting and really hard to predict. Let’s do some experiments to see what’s going on and learn some tricks to impress your friends.

A tornado can be formed inside a bottle using a 3D printed connector

Make a tornado appear in a bottle!

We can make water flow from one bottle into another and on the way it makes an awesome tornado! You can use this trick to win a race of ‘who can empty their bottle fastest?’

A bauble floating on a stream of air

A levitating bauble – science not magic

Want to make an object levitate in the air as if you’d just learned a magic trick? You can! All you need is some science and a stream of air.

A 3D printed sphere floats and sinks

That Sinking Feeling

Things normally either sink or they float, right? Well with this trick you can make something do both as if it can’t make up its mind! Bet your friends whether it will sink or float and then show off your trick.

Countdown to Launch

This trick takes simple chemicals from the cupboards and uses them to launch a rocket. Experiment and see how high you can launch a rocket!

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