Launching Rockets with Fizz

I don't think that I can say 'Rockets aren't cool'. I know all the words on their own but in that order, they just make no sense to me. This experiment is one of my 'go to' experiments to have on any table for a science show because even if you've seen them launched a... Continue Reading →

The Cheerios Effect

Make something float in the middle of a water surface and see what happens. Maybe not a lot! If you look from the side you should see a curved water surface around your floating object. This is called a meniscus. It gets interesting when a floating object gets close to the curved surface at the... Continue Reading →


Describe the complex, briefly. How much can you really say in just one tweet? My thesis was over 400 pages long. At the time, I was proud of that - the sheer weight of work that I had done. Now, a year and a bit later I wonder how self-indulgent I was with making it... Continue Reading →

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