Our favourite experiments

First click an image in the slideshow to find out how to try these science experiments yourself at home!

  • Christmas Dinner Battery
    Ever seen a battery made out of a Christmas Dinner?

More Science at Home Experiments…

On this page we’ve grouped our experiments into themes – what do you want to find out about? Maybe you’re raiding the kitchen cupboards for chemicals? I mean… ingredients! Or perhaps you’ve noticed that water is pretty special and you want to find out what makes it so unique? Or maybe you love anything that moves or oozes or flows!

Let us know any suggestions you have for experiments!

Full list of experiments

ExperimentDifficultyKit List
That Sinking FeelingRaisins, fizzy drink
Rainbow on a PlateA plate, Skittles (or equivalent)
DIY Lava LampTall thin container, baby oil, food colouring, water, fizzy tablet
Density TowerA tall thin container, various liquids from the kitchen e.g. water, washing up liquid, milk, honey, golden syrup, oil
The Cheerios EffectA clean glass container, paperclips or metal push pins, tweezers or a steady hand
Walking WaterSeveral similar glasses, kitchen paper, water, food colouring
Blooming SnowflakePaper, scissors, tray of water
A-peel-ing ExperimentLemons, food colouring, bicarbonate of soda
Guarantee a White ChristmasTissue paper, hair conditioner, bicarbonate of soda, food processor
Getting Under Water’s SkinCoins, water, paperclips
Gravity Defying WaterA jar, a ‘reusable fruit bag’ or pair of tights or a flat metal mesh, scissors, water
Making a RainbowSmall glasses, food colouring, water
A Tower of WaterA tall thin container, water, salt, steady hand
Launching Rockets with FizzCamera film pods (if you can find them!) or a bottle with a cork that will fit in the lid, card, scissors, fizzy tablets or bicarbonate of soda, vinegar
Tornado in a BottleA 3D printer or superglue, duct tape and a drill, two bottles, water
A Wet Slop SwapTwo identical containers, glasses or bottles, water, oil, a plastic card (e.g. shop loyalty card)
Marangoni’s BoatsCard, scissors, washing up liquid, a tray of water
Bernoulli’s BaubleA round object, an air pump or vacuum cleaner with a ‘blow’ function or a hairdrier with a ‘cool’ setting
Making a MotorStrong magnet (e.g. Neodymium), battery, wire
An Explosion of ColourA dish, milk, food colouring, soap or washing up liquid
Bubble ShadowsBubble mix (or washing up liquid), straws, a steady hand
Crystal DecorationEpsom salts (magnesium sulfate)
Christmas Dinner BatteryZinc metal, copperc coins, a potato, LEDs, crocodile clip wires
Jingle BallsSodium alginate, calcium lactate
The Banana CodeBanana (or strawberries), isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, ice, salt, washing up liquid, sandwich bags
Whoosh and a CloudA glass bottle, high alcohol liquid (isopropyl alcohol)

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