If you were at the Family Day at the University of Warwick on Sunday 1st December you may have seen my show where I tried to get through as many experiments that people can do at home as I could in an hour. I had so much fun, getting volunteers to come and help and learn the tricks for themselves – gravity defying water, making tornados in a bottle, using gas to build up pressure and do something exciting like an explosion…. well hopefully nothing goes BOOM… maybe more of a pop!

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s time to put the Chemis-tree up and start counting down the days. Many of you might have an advent calendar to help count down the days until Santa visits. If you’re lucky, it might be filled with chocolate, and if you’re really lucky if might be filled with something fancier

However, nothing will compare to the hopefullynothinggoesboom advent calendar, as each day we present a fun-filled experiment. Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by colour, sparkle and Christmas themed treats. Best of all though, these are experiments you can try yourself at home, using things that you will easily find or make, and show off to all your families and friends! Just don’t forget the Elf and Safety.

So come Christmas day there will be some awesome young people showing off the tricks that they have learned around a table absolutely covered with food. Hence the name – X-Mas experiments becomes X-Peri-Mas! All these experiments will be tweeted about it using #XPeriMas and we would love to see pictures and videos of what you create at home or even some more suggestions for experiments you’d like to see.

If that’s not enough, we will also be presenting a special molecule of the month, looking at many of the molecules involved in these experiments, and all with a Christmas theme.

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