March’s Molecule of the Month

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate By Marcus Taylor There was once a time when we were not all glued to our tablets, smart phones, games consoles or laptops (yes, such a time did exist and not as far back as you might think). Even though TVs and games consoles were still popular, many children (and their eager or... Continue Reading →

February’s Molecule of the Month

Oxytocin By Marcus Taylor There are many mysteries in our Universe that are yet to be solved: how did life begin, what came before the Big Bang, are we alone in the Universe? These are all big questions that fall into the domain of science and which scientists of the past, present and future are... Continue Reading →

January’s Molecule of the Month

Lactic Acid By Marcus Taylor January is the month of new starts, new years and new resolutions. Following on from the Christmas holidays, feelings of guilt from eating and drinking too much lead many of us to begin (or at least promise to begin) doing more exercise. This might include walking more, going for runs... Continue Reading →

December’s Molecule of the Month

Molecule of the Month: Christmas Special By Marcus Taylor However you choose to celebrate Christmas, there is no doubt that chemistry is fully involved. For many of us, Christmas day begins with presents as we tear off wrapping paper made from cellulose and held together with a thin, sticky layer of polypropylene. Every shake of... Continue Reading →

A Periodic Drama: Volume II

On the surface, the periodic table may seem nothing more than a giant list of names. A register where scientists can keep a record of all the elements and show them off to the world or a boring piece of art, used in science classrooms for decoration rather than for any practical use. Such a... Continue Reading →

X-Peri-Mas #22 – Jingle Balls

My wife's family have a tradition of a BBQ just before Christmas. My family have a tradition of pancakes - so here we are on Christmas Eve Eve eating pancakes and I was trying to think of what experiment I should do for you all on the penultimate X-Peri-Mas and I thought of a little... Continue Reading →

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