X-Peri-Mas #8 – DIY Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are fun. It's satisfying the way the blobs flop and float about, rising and falling in the tube... but wouldn't it be more fun to make your own? X-Peri-Mas #6 made something that looked a bit like a lava lamp - with oil and water swapping over between two containers but this one... Continue Reading →

November’s Molecule of the Month

Potassium Nitrate By Marcus Taylor Head outside, look up and you might see many things in the sky. On a rainy day you are most likely to see clouds, but wait until night and a black background is dusted with sparkling dots of stars.  You may see birds flying, aeroplanes soaring or possibly a hot... Continue Reading →

Theobromine – trick or treat?

October's Molecule of the Month When you say "trick or treat", are you hoping to get theobromine? Maybe! I know it sounds bonkers but go with me here, I promise it's not a trick - theobromine really is a treat! So what is it? A molecule's name Names are very important in science, whether for... Continue Reading →

A Periodic Drama: Volume I

Let’s imagine we are playing one of those games where you have to draw or describe something and everyone else has to guess. The object you’re given is a science classroom. What would you describe or draw? Test tubes? Beakers?  Bubbling liquids and vivid colours? What about a table? Not a wooden piece of furniture... Continue Reading →

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