Alex and I were invited to do a science show at Caversham Library today and since It’s British Science Week, we said definitely yes! We got ourselves set up and ready to go before the library opened at 10am and waited to see how many of the lovely locals we would see…

And then the doors opened and in came an absolute crowd of people. It was so fantastic to see a library so well used and see so many families out to learn some science and make a bit of a mess….. in a fun way!

As promised, we will be writing up all the experiments we did so that you can try them out for yourselves at home. The idea behind this site has always been to do experiments with minimal kit so that it is possible to do experiments with things you might find around the kitchen.

Our full list of experiments today:

  • Extracting DNA from a Banana
  • Orange Oil and Orange Balloons
  • Density Tower
  • Cartesian Diver – Sinking and Floating
  • Making Gels with Alginate
  • Launching Rockets with Carbon Dioxide
  • Making a Non-Newtonian Fluid – or Oobleck!
  • Plus a few others we have written up before

Write ups should be up within the next few days so watch this space. Thanks to everyone for coming and to Caversham Library’s Jackie Perrow for organising the day.

Phil and Alex


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