Describe the complex, briefly.

How much can you really say in just one tweet?

My thesis was over 400 pages long. At the time, I was proud of that – the sheer weight of work that I had done. Now, a year and a bit later I wonder how self-indulgent I was with making it that long! I’ve set myself a challenge to describe a theory or any bit of science in a single tweet. No more than 280 characters. For example this paragraph, to the end of this sentence, is 394 characters.

So, my challenge is that anyone can suggest a topic to me, either by tweeting directly at me – @philjemmett – or through the hashtag #SciIn280 and it’s up for grabs for anyone! Whether you want to set me a challenge or ask a question you don’t want to spend the time looking up, I’ll do my best to fit the answer into just one tweet!

Please do give me a shout and let’s have fun with this.



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