October’s Molecule of the Month

Theobromine By Marcus Taylor Names are very important in science, whether for physical objects, processes, mathematical formulae or theories. Universally accepted names help scientists across the world to talk to each other and know exactly what they are each referring to. Unfortunately, names are sometimes misleading and have nothing in common with what their name... Continue Reading →

A Periodic Drama: Volume I

Let’s imagine we are playing one of those games where you have to draw or describe something and everyone else has to guess. The object you’re given is a science classroom. What would you describe or draw? Test tubes? Beakers?  Bubbling liquids and vivid colours? What about a table? Not a wooden piece of furniture... Continue Reading →

August’s Molecule of the Month

Cetirizine ­Sunshine, hot weather and holidays, summer time brings them all. For many the summer is the best time of the year and yet for one in five people the warm, humid weather can bring misery. This is because they suffer from a type of allergic rhinitis commonly known as hay-fever! Summer isn't all it's... Continue Reading →

July’s Molecule of the Month

Isovaleric acid 2019 marks two very important anniversaries with connections to the moon. The first celebrates 50 years since man first set foot on the moon and Neil Armstrong’s famous quote (or misquote).* The other marks 20 years since the first Wallace & Gromit short film ‘A Grand Day Out’ had its premiere in Bristol.... Continue Reading →

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